Celebrating Black History in Medicine

Throughout February, Becker shared the stories of black doctors and nurses who changed the course of medicine through their inventions and firsts.

Why Standardized Patients are a Valuable Part of Clinical Skills Preparation

Standardized Patients are going to be a very important part of the USMLE® Step 2 CS examination that you may be preparing for.

Knock! Knock! The Patients You Will Encounter on the Clinical Skills Examination

Here are some of the types of patient scenarios and encounters you may experience when you knock on the exam room door.

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Charles Faselis Prepares Students for the USMLE® Step 2 CK and CS Exams

This video introduces medical students to our extensively experienced USMLE® faculty.

I Failed the USMLE®. Now What?

Dr. Steven Daugherty provides guidance for students who failed their first USMLE® attempt. The path to being a physician is still open to you, show what you can do!

Four Rules for Interviewing for Residency

You've made it through the first two big steps in the residency screening process: the USMLE® score and the application. Now, Dr. Steven R. Daugherty shares four tips to perform your best in the residency interview.

Dr. Mary Ruebush Discusses The Importance Of Learning From A Teacher

Watch Dr. Ruebush's video and prepare to Think Like a Doctor.

Make Your USMLE® Step 2 CS Examination Feel Like Just Another Day at the Office

Clinical Skills Program Manager, Taylor B. Gothard, Ed.D., provides 5 steps to build confidence and reduce anxiety for USMLE® Step 2 CS exam day.

How to Make the Medical Residency Matching Algorithm Work Best For You

Gain a better understanding of how the matching algorithm works and how to make this process work best for you.

Dr. Steven Daugherty Reveals 10 Steps to Think Through a USMLE Question Like a Clinician

Dr. Daugherty collaborated with Dr. Phillip Tisdall, M.D. to provide a ten-step process guiding students through the clinical thinking process.

How to Build a Study Plan Around the Results of Your Diagnostic and Simulated Exams

Dr. Steven R. Daugherty provides recommendations to students who aren’t sure how to build a personalized USMLE® study plan.

Clinical Scenarios for Group B Streptococcus

Dr. Jamil Elfarra, is a Clinical Instructor and Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He has over 10 years of experience teaching medical students and residents and has helped hundreds of students successfully navigate and excel on the USMLE.