How Becker’s Review Courses Helped a Medical Student Match Successfully

In the midst of Match Week, many students are celebrating their match or reassessing the factors that made then unsuccessful in obtaining a position. If you are currently preparing for the USMLE® exam or residency interview, you’re considering how you can be an appealing option for your top residency choice.

Good news! You can hear directly from a current medical student, Dantwan Smith, on the steps that he took to improve his USMLE® scores and match successfully!

Here’s his testimony:

I started using Becker for USMLE® Step 1 in the second semester of medical school. I struggled with Physiology and found Becker to be God sent and was the key to me passing the semester. After having such great results in the second semester of medical school, I decided to incorporate Becker into my regular study material for the third semester. At the end of the third semester of medical school, I knew I wanted to get a head start on studying for USMLE® Step 1. I registered early for the live online prep course which started prior to my fourth semester of medical school. (Normally students choose to do the live online course after fourth semester at my school.) At the beginning, it was challenging keeping up with fourth semester study material and following along with the live course, but I was able to manage my time appropriately and successfully pass the last semester of medical school along with finishing the live online prep course. I was very satisfied with my USMLE® Step 1 score. The biggest challenge I had going into Step 1 was Pharmacology. The professors really broke down the material and reinforced high yield information that was tested on the exam. As I began the third year of medical school, the subject clerkship review books were very detailed and reinforced a great deal of material that was tested on the subject clerkship exams. Prior to studying for the USMLE® Step 2, I knew I wanted to improve my score drastically. I prepared for the exam by using the subject clerkship review books and the question bank. My score from Step 1 to Step 2 increased by 16 points! The Becker review courses played an essential part in helping me match successfully.

Congrats on the match to Dantwan and all other students who matched with a residency program this week!

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