Faces of Becker: A Photo Series Highlighting the Humanity of Doctors and Medical Students

Faces of Becker is a series of photos highlighting the humanity of the medical field. Each photo shares the real story of a medical student or doctor who is inspired to help others everyday. We featured these stories on our Becker USMLE® Facebook page to encourage our medical students and also to show the world that doctors are humans, too.

Here are their stories.

medical student poses at Becker's CMTC

“My favorite two things are soccer and medicine. In the future, I’d love to practice sports medicine and combine my two passions. My family is originally from the Damascus area and as many people know there’s been a civil war for the last 5-6 years now. The country has been divided for years but everybody came together and united for the soccer team. Even though it was something as silly as a soccer game, it brought peace. The team tried to qualify for the World Cup, but unfortunately they didn’t have enough medical staff to compete. I’d love to support my home team and combine my two passions – not for money or fame, but to feel satisfied and fulfilled.”


doctor poses at Becker's CMTC

“Going through medical school and seeing these avenues of life has been such an enlightening experience. All of the hurdles – and there were lots of them – were worth it because you really see yourself grow. I’ve realized I’m more patient and I’m able to analyze things differently than before.”

medical student at Becker's CMTC

“I want to go into Ear, Nose, and Throat because I feel like there’s not enough research on it. As a deaf person myself, I want to find new ways to approach being deaf and help other kids who have to cope with the same problems I did. I hid my deafness for the longest time because I thought it was weird and socially awkward. I want to tell kids that it’s fine to be deaf.”

medical student at Becker's CMTC

“As early as the age of 4, I was playing doctor. Putting on a white coat and using stethoscopes as toys. When I was finally able to practice as a doctor in the Philippines, it became even clearer to me that this was my calling because of how I interact with patients. Most people think that doctors are just healing patients’ physical sickness, but it’s also emotional, spiritual, and mental. I think it’s a very special calling.”

doctor posing at the Becker CMTC Clinical Skills room

“I went into medicine because I saw ‘Patch Adams’ in undergrad while I was trying to find career options. I’ve always had a humorous personality and somehow people say I’m easy to talk to so I related to the film. What mattered most was that when I came home and took my shoes off and hung up my coat, I wanted to be proud of what I’d accomplished that day. I want to know that what I’d done made a difference.”

“Helping people was a given for me because I’ve always been giving by nature. The most important part was how.”

“I’m from Guyana in South America. My grandmother was the Head of the Nursing Department back home. After school she’d always pick me up and take me to the clinic. Some of the people would even come to our house for advice. So when you think about it, I’ve always been in the healthcare system! Remembering the way that she would help people encouraged me to want to help people. At the end of the day, that’s the goal. I plan to do my residency in the States but afterwards I want to go back home to Guyana so that I can give back.”

“Practicing medicine is a combination of my hobby and something that I’ve always wanted to do. I always used to read this Home Remedies book – it was always something I’d look up and read about. The best part of being a doctor is the gratifying feeling that you get when a patient follows what you tell them to do. When you care for someone and they care enough to take care of themselves, it makes all the difference.”

We appreciate these doctors for sharing their stories!