5 Tips to Find USMLE Study Motivation

Preparing for the United States Medical Licensing Exam® (USMLE) is one tough cookie. Between passing your medical school courses, working to pay your way through, and barely maintaining a social life, finding the motivation to study for the exam may seem impossible. But it’s not! Here’s a few tips from Becker to get you motivated to rock each step.

  1. Remind yourself of your goals!
    student studying in the library with headphonesDon’t forget why you chose to pursue a career in healthcare. This initial inspiration can be reason enough to hit the review books.
  2. Grab a study buddy.
    Finding friends who share the same goals can be great motivation. While studying, it’s beneficial to have someone to help solve problems and explain review solutions. Work together!
  3. Organize your space.
    A cluttered desk can make your brain feel cluttered, too. Some simple organization may help to prepare you for a few hours of focused time. Consider your clean workspace the first step towards many more accomplishments.
  4. Find the perfect playlist.
    A list of inspiring songs could help your study session get started. Sometimes it also helps to have a steady flow of background noise. Share the love and post your favorite study playlist in the comments section!
  5. Take Regular Breaks
    Breaks are scientifically proven to improve focus and productivity. The prize could be a small snack or even an episode of your favorite TV show, but short breaks are a great way to make studying seem not so bad after all.

Need some more study help? That’s what we’re here for! Visit www.becker.com/usmle to learn how Becker can help prepare you for the USMLE exams.