Sara Marie recently shared a day in the life as a mom, wife, YouTuber and future CPA on the Becker CPA Instagram page. In case you missed it, here are highlights from Sara Marie’s Instagram takeover.

Future CPA Sara Marie poses with her husband and daughter.Hey guys!! So before I officially take over Becker’s Instagram I thought I’d take a second to introduce myself and give you an idea of my background.

My name is Sara and (brace yourself) I’m an accountant, wife, mommy, YouTuber, Etsy shop owner, and a future CPA! Although I’ve worn many different hats over the years, becoming a CPA has been a goal of mine since my very first accounting class in high school. I graduated Illinois State in December of 2013 and then got my MBA last May. I’ve been studying for the CPA since May and found out in December that I’m half way done!

Stay tuned for more details on my journey to becoming a CPA! What questions do you have for me about studying for the CPA Exam?

One accounting student commented, “Hi Sara! I’m a junior accounting major with a minor in Agriculture. I have two internships and graduated from a community college where I was a member of four clubs. Is there anything else you recommend I do?” To which Sara answered, “sounds like you’ve accomplished a lot so far! The only additional thing I would suggest is try to get a leadership role in a club or organization. I made a ton of connections as the events coordinator and president of Beta Alpha Psi. Those connections ultimately led me to my current position. Good luck!”

A Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and Becker CPA textbookEvery morning starts with @cpabecker and coffee! How do you normally start your day? With a hectic life, sometimes it’s hard to make time for studying. Getting it out of the way early in the morning not only relieves stress, it also ensures that it actually gets done!

A commenter asked, “What makes Becker better than other CPA study materials?” Sara’s answer – “I honestly didn’t look into many others. My school highly recommended Becker so it was always my top choice. Some of the other materials I looked into didn’t seem as structured and as clear as Becker. It was an easy choice for me!”

Some students wonder how they can balance study hours with work during the week and personal time during the weekends. Here’s what Sara suggests, “I normally study between 2-3 hours during weekdays and around 4-5 on the weekend days. I try to get the majority of my studying done in the morning so I know it’s for sure getting done and so family life or busy season don’t get in the way.”

Study planner for CPA


Beginning studying for the CPA can feel extremely overwhelming. Even after passing two exams, I sometimes feel overwhelmed. How do you keep organized?

Breaking down your study schedule by week or even by day can make studying seem more manageable. I try to get through a chapter a week. So each day in my planner I mark how much material I need to get through in order to finish the entire chapter by Sunday night. Even with a crazy, hectic schedule, 13% per day is totally doable!!

If you struggle with focusing on one topic for hours at a time, be sure to take breaks. Sara commented, “Taking notes while watching the lecture usually keeps me focused! If I notice I’m not focusing, I usually stop the lecture and take a short break to get refreshed.”

Lunch date with Becker CPA


Not your typical lunch date! Although I’d much rather grab lunch with a friend or catch up on shows, having lunch with @cpabecker means I’m one step closer to becoming a CPA!

How convenient is @cpabecker mobile app? I love getting a quick study session in while in the car or at my daughter’s swim lesson! And can we talk about how crazy it is that there’s only a few more weeks until my BEC exam?!? What are you currently studying and when’s your next exam?

Sara Marie Passes the CPA

The CPA exam is hard. There’s no denying that. Some say it’s one of the hardest professional exams you can take. And although I have first hand experience of how hard it can be, the most important lesson I’ve learned over the past 10 months is most things that are worth having, don’t come easy.

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