Auditing Standards Board Update: Exempted Offerings

The Auditing Standards Board has clarified what an auditor’s responsibility is when associated with exempt offerings. Learn these responsibilities today.

Tax Reform and the Joint Committee on Taxation

Learn more about the process of Tax Legislation and what role the Joint Committee on Taxation plays during the process. Learn more with Becker.

PCAOB Issues New Audit Report Requirements

The PCAOB approved a new format for audit reports, in efforts to provide more transparent & useful info to investors & other financial statement users.

The Legislative Process: Tax Reform

Better understand the long & tedious Legislative process with an example of President Reagan's efforts to pass a Tax reform bill in 1986. Learn more now!

Skills for Effective Writing in Business

Writing is a medium that requires continual development throughout our careers, but many individuals do not practice these skills and fail to be effective in their writing. Since written communication is critical to your success we’ve identified the below skills to help you maintain effective writing within the workplace.

Job Search and Interview Strategies

Whether you’re an experienced professional seeking a new career path or a recent college graduate starting out in your field these tips will help ensure your job search and subsequent interviews are a success.