Auditing Standards Board Update: Exempted Offerings

The Auditing Standards Board has clarified what an auditor’s responsibility is when associated with exempt offerings. Learn these responsibilities today.

Tax Reform and the Joint Committee on Taxation

Learn more about the process of Tax Legislation and what role the Joint Committee on Taxation plays during the process. Learn more with Becker.

PCAOB Issues New Audit Report Requirements

The PCAOB approved a new format for audit reports, in efforts to provide more transparent & useful info to investors & other financial statement users.

The Legislative Process: Tax Reform

Better understand the long & tedious Legislative process with an example of President Reagan's efforts to pass a Tax reform bill in 1986. Learn more now!

Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

Getting the right candidate is key. Using behavioral interviewing as a guide can be beneficial and save your organization time and money. Here's how.

Managing Stress on the CPA Exam

There is no denying that studying for the CPA Exam is an inherently stressful experience. Fortunately, with knowledge of available resources, careful planning, and some common sense you can manage your CPA Exam stress and make the best use of the time you have available to study.