Visa Application Guidance for International USMLE® Students

Shabbir Ghatila, International Business Development Manager, discusses the I-20 visa application process to attend a Becker USMLE® course in the United States.

I Failed the USMLE®. Now What?

Dr. Steven Daugherty provides guidance for students who failed their first USMLE® attempt. The path to being a physician is still open to you, show what you can do!

Four Rules for Interviewing for Residency

You've made it through the first two big steps in the residency screening process: the USMLE® score and the application. Now, Dr. Steven R. Daugherty shares four tips to perform your best in the residency interview.

Dr. Mary Ruebush Discusses The Importance Of Learning From A Teacher

Watch Dr. Ruebush's video and prepare to Think Like a Doctor.

Make Your USMLE® Step 2 CS Examination Feel Like Just Another Day at the Office

Clinical Skills Program Manager, Taylor B. Gothard, Ed.D., provides 5 steps to build confidence and reduce anxiety for USMLE® Step 2 CS exam day.

How to Make the Medical Residency Matching Algorithm Work Best For You

Gain a better understanding of how the matching algorithm works and how to make this process work best for you.

Dr. Steven Daugherty Reveals 10 Steps to Think Through a USMLE Question Like a Clinician

Dr. Daugherty collaborated with Dr. Phillip Tisdall, M.D. to provide a ten-step process guiding students through the clinical thinking process.

Auditing Standards Board Update: Exempted Offerings

The Auditing Standards Board has clarified what an auditor’s responsibility is when associated with exempt offerings. Learn these responsibilities today.

How to Build a Study Plan Around the Results of Your Diagnostic and Simulated Exams

Dr. Steven R. Daugherty provides recommendations to students who aren’t sure how to build a personalized USMLE® study plan.

Tax Reform and the Joint Committee on Taxation

Learn more about the process of Tax Legislation and what role the Joint Committee on Taxation plays during the process. Learn more with Becker.

PCAOB Issues New Audit Report Requirements

The PCAOB approved a new format for audit reports, in efforts to provide more transparent & useful info to investors & other financial statement users.

The Legislative Process: Tax Reform

Better understand the long & tedious Legislative process with an example of President Reagan's efforts to pass a Tax reform bill in 1986. Learn more now!