Adapt2U CPA Exam Review Technology

Becker’s upcoming new CPA Exam Review Course is the culmination of an investment of nearly $3 million in research and development over the past two years and has been re-engineered to address the needs of the new generation of learners. It is by far the most advanced and sophisticated course we have produced in our nearly 60-year history.

Traits and Skills of Leaders

Why do some individuals excel in leadership, while others struggle quite heavily with leadership? Learn about the essential traits and skills of successful leaders.

A Day in the Life of a CPA

Learn about the importance of the CPA credential and all the various opportunities that are available after you obtain those three key letters. I'll even share some insights to the day-to-day activities of some of these professions.

Identity Theft: How to Detect, Deter and Fix

Identity theft is commonplace in today's world and affects consumers and companies of all sizes. How can you best protect yourself and your data so that you can minimize the risk of identity theft?

Setting Expectations for the “Non-Traditional” CPA Exam Candidate

What are the unique challenges faced by “non-traditional” candidates and how can they successfully meet those challenges when studying for the CPA Exam? Find out my three tips based on my journey to becoming a CPA.

Meetings That Work

Meetings are an important part of your career. Demonstrate your understanding of this facet by taking meetings seriously and utilizing these preparation and practice tips.